Michael Biehn Fans Chat Room

This is the chat testing page. Please check out each one, and send feedback! One of these will be our new home! When you are done Please vote for your favorite chat!

Click this link to the Aimoo Community. This is a forum that you need to register to participate. But it has some fun features, avatars, message board, and a very easy to read chat. But they only give it for free for 20 days, then it's $12 for 6 months. It's easy to sign up and it's worth checking out.

Another free chat. If we choose this one, I will set it up in on it's own page. You can use the little faces below the chat box!

This chat can be embedded on it's own page, so at least we can put a picture with it. The chat can also "float". Hit the "float" icon to see what I mean. Just enter your name on the chat line to start. Check out help for the emoticons. This chat also features sounds!

We have used this chat before. It's a free room so I can't customize even the title of the room. They charge too much for those features. But try it out anyways.

Free Java Chat Room

This one is commonly used by lots of other fan sites. It's easy and you can float the chat window. This one generates lots of pop up ads.

Your browser is not Java-enabled. Please enable Java, or upgrade browsers.
ParaChat Powered

Here's another small chat box that's free and private. This could be embedded on it's own page. No float feature, so it stays this size. Enter your name on the chat line to get going. Check out the "?" to look at the emoticons.

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_Michael Biehn Fans Chat

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