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December 1998 Vol.1 Issue 3

MB with Bill Paxton at the premiere of Get Shorty

Picture used with permission of Shooting Stars

Happy Holidays!

The folks who put this newsletter together would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the kind words, support and suggestions that you offer throughout the year and extend our best wishes to you and those you love. Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year! We're hoping that 1999 has lots of Biehn in store!

Some of Santa's helpers wanted to do something special for Michael Biehn for the holidays. The suggestion to make a charitable contribution in Michael's honor sounded like a great idea, but time was short. The Biehn Teamę was joined by The Michael Biehn Email List and members of both groups chose their favorite charity, forwarding the acknowledgment cards to The Biehn Teamę to be sent to Michael.

With only a little more than two weeks' notice, members, particularly those outside the United States, had to dash to meet the deadline. This project demonstrated the varied interests of MB's fans and benefited worthy causes around the world.

Thank you to everyone who supported this effort!

As always, suggestions and ideas are welcome. Email us at biehnteam@hotmail

According to John Watson of Trilogy, The Magnificent Seven will ride starting Friday, Jan. 8, 1999 at 9:00 PM!


"Landis also has a game, charismatic cast, with Biehn one of the highlights, playing against type as a thick, unkempt con."
-Leonard Klady [Daily Variety, November 2, 1998]

To be honest, I was fully prepared to hate this movie. I'm not a Blues Brothers fan and didn't like Animal House, both directed by John Landis, but I loved Susan's Plan, and I wasn't alone. The movie premiered to a sold out crowd at Mann's Chinese Theater for the American Film Institute's Film Festival in Los Angeles on October 29, 1998. The tickets were gone for a good reason. It's a wonderful film. Landis, as writer and director, offers up a dark comedy with a fast-paced script and a magnificent cast.

Susan [Nastassia Kinski] and boyfriend, Sam [Billy Zane], plot to do away with her ex-husband, Paul [Adrian Paul], for the insurance money. Though they've biehn divorced for three years, Susan is still the beneficiary. Bill [MB] and Steve [Rob Schneider] owe Sam a favor because he didn't turn them in for insurance fraud when he had the evidence and opportunity. Betty [Lara Flynn Boyle] is recruited to set Paul up by becoming his lover and arranging a meeting in a secluded parking lot. Bill and Steve shoot their target three times in the chest at point blank range, YET HE LIVES!!! [Curran would not have missed, but that's a different movie! There is NO sign of James in this one.]

Bob [Dan Akyroyd], a tough biker without a bike, is called upon to clean up the mess and eliminate Paul once and for all. Naturally, mayhem ensues as Susan's Plan unravels around the conspirators. This is a combination of comedy and drama, much like life, and a very entertaining film.

This role is another triumph for MB. Again, he demonstrates his range as an actor, trying his hand at comedy and succeeding admirably. Even as the dim-witted Bill, his facial expressions speak volumes and his timing and delivery are perfect. This will be a long movie to "Biehn screen" as MB clocks a bunch of onscreen time. He smiles a lot and lives, always good things!

Unfortunately, as of the first week of December, a US distributor has not biehn found for Susan's Plan. Foreign distribution deals have biehn made but the details are not yet available.

Several cast members attended the premiere, including MB, Adrian Paul, Rob Schneider, Lisa Edelstein, who plays Sam's ex-wife, and Sheree North, Sam's former mother-in-law. Only Edelstein and Schneider joined the question and answer session after the screening. Ms. North remained in her seat, and, to quote Landis, "The folks with regular jobs left." MB may not have known about the session, as he arrived after the film started and left as the credits rolled. [There seemed to be a lack of organization, with no seats reserved for the cast members in attendance.] Tom Arnold, who starred in the Landis film, "The Stupids", was also in the audience.

In the question and answer portion of the evening, Landis said that Susan's Plan practically cast itself. If so, it did a wonderful job. The actors seem perfect for their roles. He told a story about Lara Flynn Boyle telephoning and asking, almost begging, for the role of Betty, everyone's girlfriend. Dan Akyroyd worked for scale to participate in what Landis called "this little film".

Susan's Plan was shot in 24 days. It's testimony to Landis' skill as a director that the movie turned out so well. There is no "low-budget indie" feel to this film. The editing is terrific and cast members Schneider and Edelstein laughed about how they weren't allowed to do as many takes as they might have liked due to the time constraints. They also shared that the guns used in Susan's Plan were new, state-of-the-art technology that doesn't use blanks but fires an energy burst. The costuming, by Deborah Nadoolman, was inspired, especially in the character of Betty. My absolute favorite touch was having gunman Bill disguise himself with panty hose over his head, the legs sticking up like bunny ears.

The director seemed particularly thrilled that Michael Biehn was playing against type, saying, "And Michael Biehn! Michael is always an action hero, not the dumb schmuck he plays in this!" Evidently, Mr. Landis is unfamiliar with MB's complete filmography. Bill is kind of a cross between Casey from Breach of Trust and Boyd from Mojave Moon; a larcenous heart, non-violent by nature but with danger potential. This role is another example of MB's incredible range and ability as an actor. His talent is unparalleled, but I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I? [... and he's so darn good-looking, too!]

You know you're a Biehnatic when....

You buy books based on the movies that MB was in, as gifts for your Biehnie buddies.

You are listening to the radio, you hear a song that was mentioned on the MB Mailing list as relating to a particular Biehn character. You start to think about that character and miss your exit!

You still come into chat even though you are really sick.

You come into chat just long enough to tell everyone that you won't be in chat, because you are really sick.

You have family members come into chat to tell everyone that you won't be in chat, because you are really sick.

Paula Cole's "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" comes on the radio and you break into a stupid grin!

You hear an ad for scuba lessons and a free wetsuit with the purchase of the class. So you think about paying for the class just to get the wetsuit to send to your Biehn buddy who is a Navy SEALs freak.

You buy extra copies of MB movies, because SOME Biehnie will need one.

People remember you in a store as "the one who likes that actor from Terminator, right?"

You collect stuffed animal seals cuz MB played a Navy SEAL.

You have photos of MB in your wallet but none of your family or pets.

You plan your vacations for times of Biehn activities like Biehnfest or movie premieres.

You plan your vacation locales based on where MB filmed a movie.

You are driving in heavy traffic and you see a plate in front of you with the letters HK. You immediately think "but they aren't too bright. John showed us ways to get around them." Then you realize you are having a Terminator moment.

There's an empty space in the Biehn Collective. Cirese Lawrence passed away on October 19 at the age of 23. Cirese was a Biehn fan living in Guam. A self-described military brat, she had lived in many countries around the world. She started the Michael Biehn email list, and was the original "ListMom" before handing the responsibilities over to Kathleen. She was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and is greatly missed by those who knew her.

The Michael Biehn Mailing List

For those of you who don't know, the Michael Biehn Mailing List is an email list for the discussion of all things pertaining to the wonderful and talented actor Michael Biehn. There are reviews, project updates, character analysis, and other activities. Like I said, all things Michael Biehn.

There have been a couple of changes on the list recently. First of all, there is a new listmom. Allow me to introduce myself. Kathleen here, the new MB Mailing list listmom. HIYA!

Another change, or rather an addition, is the construction of a website for the mailing list. The site isn't complete yet, and not open for preview. But I am working diligently and it should be open and ready by Christmas. Talk about a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The website is going to be a fun place for list members and non-list members alike to keep up on what's happening on the list. As well, it will serve as a doorway for net surfers to find us easily and join the list.

I'd like to invite anyone in the Biehn Teamę who isn't yet a list member to join us! There is a link on the Absolute Biehn site as well as one on Reesa's site. We would love to have you join in our character and movie discussions, not to mention just plain join the fun!!

Hope to see you on the list!

Biehn News

Double Edge, as American Dragons will be known in the US, was released to video and laser disk on December 8. has the video tape listed at $50.99.

The latest from Westwood is that the release date for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun has biehn moved back to the end of February or beginning of March.

The Ride will be released to video January 2, 1998. It will be the theatrical release, not the shorter television edit. The home use video will be available through Christian bookstores or by calling Video Fulfillment [for World Wide Pictures] at 1-800-501-4557. The mail order price is $19.95 + $5 shipping. During the first week of December, no information was available from WWP on whether or not the video would be sold in PAL format.

Silver Wolf is scheduled to premiere in the U.S. on the Fox Family Channel on January 10 at 8 PM with repeat airings on January 16, 8 PM and January 28, 9 PM. Please check your local listings for the correct times.

A synopsis provided for The Biehn Teamę by the producers, Blue Ryder Pictures:

"As to Michael's performance, it's a slight change of pace for him, playing a character who is more introverted and restrained. We think audiences will respond well to his subtly understated portrayal of a dedicated park ranger who puts his career on the line in order to protect his nephew and an injured wolf that they rescue from the wilderness.

We have no information on U.S. Video releases at this time. We will update the "Silver Wolf" website page throughout the next year."

You can find the link to the Blue Ryder site under Recent & Current Projects at Absolute Biehn.

It's time to start thinking about Biehnfest III! Planning will begin after the first of the year, so there's still time to cast your vote for the location at reesa's Michael Biehn pieces site. Biehnfest is a wonderful opportunity to meet your Biehn Buddies and just have fun. California is way ahead in the voting, probably due to some very enthusiastic Biehn Teamę members. Please make your preference known and mark your calendars for the end of July!

You can now get to the Absolute Biehn site at!.

Lana's Conversation With Molly and Mona

The Good Lord was obviously on MY side this summer! I was lucky enough to "fall" into a couple of conversations with two VERY special people who have had contact with Michael Biehn, and were kind enough to share their experiences with me.

The first opportunity happened when I learned Michael was going to conduct a Christian radio interview with the KFSG program CHRISTIAN COMMENTARY'S host Reverend Molly Dolan. I searched the internet and found their phone number and called the station. The receptionist took my name and two hours later I received a call from Reverend Dolan of the AngelUs Temple, who was the sweetest person I've EVER spoken to on the phone (well, maybe besides Cindy)! She was SO excited that one of Michael's fans had called "all the way from Nebraska!" I told her that I wanted to share the interview with my High School Sunday School class who had seen THE RIDE, and who had asked me a couple of questions, which (not knowing Michael personally) I couldn't answer.

Molly replied, "This is so special that he has such loyal fans! He is so great in the movie! Of course, I'll ask him the questions! I'm just writing something to ask him right now and will be going into the room to do the interview in about 8 minutes."

I gave her the questions, "How did making the movie affect his life? Did he like working with the Billy Graham people?"

I then gushed about how I loved his acting and had ever since I'd seen him as Reese in THE TERMINATOR. I could tell she came to a halt and then almost screamed into my ear, "That was HIM!!!!!!?"

I laughed and said, "Yes, that was one of the many wonderful roles he's done."

Molly was astonished, "I didn't know that was him! Reese is my romantic hero! I loved him in that! I thought his roles were in THE RIDE and THE MAGNIFICENT 7! What else has he done?"

Listing the various roles for the obviously excited Reverend, I went on and on! She wanted to know how I knew so much about him. I explained I had always loved his acting, but was really ignorant about the full extent of his career until I got on the internet and made some great friends in the MICHAEL BIEHN CHAT ROOM who knew EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM! I discovered this talented man had some very dedicated and loving fans!

Then she wanted to know what I meant by the chat room and how I found it. I explained it to her and listed the various websites where she could find information on him, and how the Biehnfest was organized. This amazed her even further!

"He must be loved for all these people to do so much for him!" I could tell she was excited and then she laughingly told me she about tripped because she was in such a hurry to get into the room and speak with him! I perceived her to be in a state of shock.

"Oh, Lana! I'm late! I'll tell you what I'll do! I'll ask him the questions...give me your full name and where you live," which I did, "and then I'll call you back and let you know how it went....and I'll make sure you get a tape of it since you won't be able to pick it up way out there where you live!" She asked for my phone number and promised to call back right after she was finished. "Thank you so much for all the information! This is so SPECIAL!"

True to her word, the Reverend called back about 10 minutes after the interview was completed. She was giggling like a school girl! "Lana! It's Molly Dolan! It went GREAT! He was kind enough to answer your question and since we spoke several minutes before the actual program was recorded I have some other things he talked about!"

Molly told him she'd had three phone calls from fans before coming into talk with him, and that one had told her all about the chat room, the websites and the Biehnfest. When she mentioned the Biehnfest he laughed, "Isn't that cute? I think it's cool. I have some wonderful fans. It blows my mind what they do! I actually got to meet some of them at the Premiere of THE RIDE in Scottsdale and they were all great! I remember one who stands out in my memory! She was so sweet and I knew she really CARED. I want to go to the next Biehnfest if it fits into my schedule and I promised them I'd visit them in the chat room and I haven't kept that life has been hectic since then with the taping of the series. But I plan to use a friend's computer and stop by every now and then and keep in touch." Molly recalled the conversation with me at a non-stop pace, her excitement still apparent.

She asked me how to get into the chat room because SHE would like to stop by. I told her the front door could be found at Reesa's site and how to get in. I had also mentioned that I was planning a trip to LA and she was curious about visiting the set and perhaps doing an interview with the crew since the series harked back to the days of quality family entertainment.

Molly talked to me about 15-20 minutes before the interview (I made her late), and then about 20 minutes afterwards. She told me some of the things that went on during the actual program and how charming he was in the preshow and during the taping itself. Molly was definately smitten! She was also kind enough to send me a free tape!

And if you've heard the tape, or read the transcript Cindy was kind enough to do (posted at Reesa's site) you'll see she asked my question and said my name TWICE! Heart still "thuds" thinking Michael heard my name twice! Well, actuallly that week he heard my name three times! When Patti Kleckner was on the set filming on Tuesday she asked him if he'd gotten the birthday present (a tin of nuts) I'd sent him and he laughed, threw back his head and said, "Yes! Tell her it was great and thanks!" Then on Thursday Molly conducted the interview! Did anyone see him running for the hills trying to get away from "THE NUT LADY FROM NEBRASKA?"


This brings back sad memories. Cirese the first listmom for the Michael Biehn mailing list made an annoucement to the list that she had written WORLD WIDE PICTURES and asked for a poster of THE RIDE. She was lucky enough to receive one in the mail within 10 days!

So, I wrote a letter explaining that I was going to show THE RIDE to my Sunday School Class and wondered if I could get a poster to give away as a prize. I GOT A CALL BACK FROM MONA G. ONE OF THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS! She was almost as nice as Molly! We talked about the movie, how great Michael was in the film and I explained to her how devoted his fans were and how much the movie meant to them. Mona told me she would send me an autographed poster, which she did (but they are all out now I'm afraid to say---didn't want them to be overwhelmed with requests they couldn't meet!).

Mona was kind enough to tell me how THE RIDE was put together, how Michael wanted to work with their company again and how much they also would like to work with him! She said, "Obviously with the loyal fan base Michael has, we already have a built-in audience!"

Michael Biehn Rocks!

Chat Room

Just a reminder that the Michael Biehn private chat room meets every Friday night at 10 PM/EST. But you may also find people there at any given time each evening. Please stop by and give the room a spin, leave a message, check the messages there, and have a great time discussing our favorte actor!

Fan Forum

We would like to offer fans the chance to add something of their own to the newsletter. Perhaps you'd like to comment on one of MB's movies, why you liked it, what kind of influence it had, what was particularly memorable for you. Please submit your thoughts to the Fan Forum by emailing with "Fan Forum in the subject. We'd all like to hear from you!

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