July 1998 Vol.1 Issue 1

Welcome to the first Biehn Team Newsletter!

We hope you enjoy it. As always, we welcome your feedback. Please send along your comments and suggestions on how to improve this newsletter. If you'd like to contribute to future issues of this quarterly newsletter, please send an email to biehnteam@hotmail.com.

July is a busy month for Michael Biehn fans! The Magnificent Seven returns to CBS when the two hour pilot airs July 11. The series was cancelled, but returned to the network's schedule after a concerted effort was made by fans of the show who organized on the internet.

Dead Men Can't Dance appears on Showtime - East on July 23. For more Biehn on TV, remember to check TV Now.

The end of the month brings the annual Biehnfest, which is held in conjunction with Michael Biehn's birthday, July 31. There's more Biehnfest information below.

Michael Biehn has biehn chosen as "Celeb of the Day" at the BirthdayWeb . Please go to the site and send him birthday wishes on July 31, his 42nd birthday.

The Second Annual Biehnfest

The idea for the first Biehnfest in Biehntown (Boston) came from the fans in the chat room last year. The meeting turned out to be a big success. Even MB was amused by the fest. Ideas for the next fest are solicited on the The Biehnfest Suggestion Page.Please start thinking about where you'd like to meet next year. San Francisco and a beach house in Charleston, SC have both biehn suggested. Both have MB "ties" in The Rock and Lords of Discipline [the academy was based on the Citadel in SC]. The beach house reservations would need to be made early, requiring a financial commitment from us. For this year:

The Place: Harrah's That's Las Vegas, NV

The time: July 31 - Aug 2, with some of us arriving on July 30 and leaving on Aug. 3.

For reservations you can call 800 HARRAHS. You may also want to contact a travel agent for tour packages. These will sometimes be cheaper than booking airfare and room separately.

The hotel has a casino, a pool, entertainment and shopping, several restaurants and a newly renovated gym. You may have to ask them to try to put our rooms as close together as possible. Please let us know that you're planning on attending and what time we can expect you. Flight information would be nice, too. For more info on online room reservations click here

Getting to/from the airport: It's a $10 taxi ride from the airport to Harrah's. A shuttle service called Bell Trans is available outside doors 1 and 2 of baggage claim. They tell us that there is a shuttle there between the hours of 4:30 AM to 2 AM. The cost for this shuttle is $3.50 per person to hotels on the strip. [Yes, Harrah's is on the strip.]

There are a couple of tours that are available from the lobby at Harrah's. The Las Vegas City tour costs $29.50 and leaves the hotel around 9am, returning at 7 pm. A bus tour to the Hoover Dam costs $23 + $8 admission to the dam itself. We still haven't biehn able to secure a list of shows that are in town that weekend. We will keep you posted as new information is available.

At the MGM Grand site you will find information about EFX, a musical review that's getting good reviews and stars David Cassidy. Tickets cost $49.50 and $70. The show is "closed" on Sunday and Monday. The Four Tops are also appearing at the MGM Grand. Tickets for that show are $39. There is a per ticket service charge. If anyone is interested in attending either of these shows or taking the bus tour, please email the Biehnteam so we can coordinate the schedule and get seating together. Click here for a schedule of shows.

Many of us are interested in the Star Trek Experience, too... still looking into that.

We are working on an itinerary, and hope you'll all send with your suggestions. How about a "birthday dinner" on Friday night? We've got to plan Biehnathon time, too!

Any questions, concerns? Just let us know! Thanks for your patience and understanding. Can't wait to see you there!

Movie Projects

"The Ride" is scheduled to air on 200 commercial stations across the country the week of August 9. Check your local listings to see if your city is one of the lucky 200. The video will be made available for sale soon. January 1 is the rumored date, but we're told by World Wide Pictures that the date is not firm yet. It should be available for purchase at your local Christian bookstores or you can email WWP and be put on their mailing list. The email address is : thetchler@bgea.org

The latest word from MGM is that the straight to video release date for American Dragon, starring Michael Biehn, has been moved back to November 24. It had originally been scheduled for a late summer release and then changed to November 3. The November 24 date is also subject to change, but will probably not be moved up.

From the Michael/Finney Production page
THE HANGED MAN Cast: Michael Biehn Producers: Terence Michael and Richard Finney Director: Kevin Dowling Writer: Joel Newman Log-line: This dramatic thriller follows a man who crashes his car while passing through a small town, is rescued, feed, given a place to stay... and then kept as a slave for the town's master plan. Form: Feature-Film
Looks like they changed it from MB directing to Kevin Dowling.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
Michael Biehn ("Aliens," "The Terminator") is set to star in "Silver Wolf," an independent film from Blue Rider Pictures. Biehn will play a forest ranger left to take care of his nephew when his brother dies. The story centers on the ranger and the boy's efforts to befriend a wounded wolf and nurse him back to health. Roy Scheider is set to co-star. The project, which is being directed by Peter Svatek ("Call of the Wild"), begins shooting this week. Biehn is also attached to star as famed porn star John Holmes in "Wonderland" for Axiom Films International and Daly-Harris Prods. From BC Film Commission's listings, "Silver Wolf" is/has been filming in BC 20 May - 16 June.

Here is a synopsis of Susan's Plan from Yahoo:
Susan (Nastassja Kinski) plays a divorcee seeking revenge on her ex-husband by plotting his murder to get a substantial life insurance policy. She recruits her lover Sam (Billy Zane), who in turn calls in a favor from two losers. Steve (Rob Schneider) and Bill (Michael Biehn). Steve and Bill's inability to complete the murder forces the schemers to contact Bob (Dan Akroyd), a ``bikeless'' biker with a checkered past. Susan's Plan unfolds and unravels in a hilarious series of greedy missteps and anxiety driven mishaps, giving new meaning to the term criminal behavior.

This was found on Yahoo:
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Porn star John Holmes, who lost a battle with AIDS several years after beating a multiple murder trial, will be resurrected in a movie about the killings. "Wonderland," the story of the grisly 1981 murders of four people on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon, will star Michael Biehn as the ailing actor. Biehn was previously seen in "Terminator," "Aliens," "The Abyss" and "Tombstone," and is starring in CBS' "The Magnificent Seven." Tim Daly co-stars, after appearing in NBC's "Wings" and several films including "Diner," "The Year of the Comet," "The Associate" and "Denise Calls Up." Nick Vallelonga will direct from a script by newcomers Todd Samovitz and D. Loriston Scott. Shooting is set for fall in Los Angeles. The project will be produced by Axiom Films, an 18-month-old production and distribution outfit based in Sherman Oaks.

Are you a Biehnatic?

You just might be a Biehnatic if...

You think that nuking something from orbit is the only way to be sure.

You start spewing Hickisms to motivate your co-workers, kids, spousal unit.

You replace leading characters in movies and books with MB.

You watch a MB movie because you like the way he walks.

You never make it to the end of a MB movie; you stop it after your favorite scene to make it easier to view the scene the next time!

You are in denial over the death of a MB character.

While in denial over the death of a MB character, you rewrite the script to save him!

You petition the college to once again add Latin to it's foreign language section so you can learn what Ringo is saying in Tombstone.

You own both wide screen and regular screen versions of his vids.

In fact you have several copies of each title [it's the only way to be sure...].

While taking Latin in college, your course project is bringing in Tombstone to translate the Ringo/Holliday scene.

While shopping at the drug store, you can pick out the colors of MB hair from the Nice and Easy color chart!

Finding out if there's any possible way to securing an article of MB clothing from any of his roles!

Learning how to repair time pieces to get "that much closer" to finding out what makes Eddy tick!

The fact that you can hear the piercing cry of "Eddy", just at the mere mention of Timebomb!

You can't look at a Evian water bottle without thinking it would make a good silencer.

You pride yourself on knowing more about MB's filmography than your own job history!

MB's birthday is listed in your Hallmark cards reminder!

You sorta feel after awhile you may call him Mike or MB without a second thought.

If you can think of more to add please send your ideas to biehnteam@hotmail.com.

We hope you've enjoyed the newsletter. We do not claim to represent Michael Biehn, only to admire his work. We have no intention of infringing on anyone's copyrights. The picture of Mr. Biehn at the beginning of the newsletter is copyrighted to Shooting Stars and used with permission. Please do not "borrow" the picture for your website.