July 1999 Vol.2 Issue 5

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Biehn News



Filming is scheduled to begin July 13 for Michael Biehn's latest project, Bar-Hop, an independent film that depicts a night in the life of the New York bar scene from the viewpoint of the folks behind the scenes. Michael plays Trae, the owner of Bar 80. According to Daily Variety, Daniel Baldwin, Meredith Scott Lynn, Jason Gedrick, Lauren Fox, Jennifer Blanc and Betty Buckley round out the cast.

The producers expect to screen Bar-Hop at film festivals, and plan a theatrical release. They are "excited to be working with Michael on this fun movie" and were kind enough to send along the following synopsis for his fans.

Starring Michael Biehn, Meredith Scott Lynn, Lauren Fox, Jason Gedrick, Jennifer Blanc, Betty Buckley, Gabriel Olds, and Daniel Baldwin

In the spirit of SWINGERS and DAZED AND CONFUSED comes a new, fast-paced comedy that will make you think twice about your night-life. throughout an emotional and confrontational evening, BAR-HOP gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the New York night-life as seen through the eyes who service it.

"Hopping" back and forth from an upscale hotel bar, to the ropes outside of Manhattan's hottest nightclub and into the extremely popular theme-bar, Bar 80, pulsating with the classic hits and filled with the retro-decor of the 80's - the tempo of New York is captured by both the customers' progressive intoxication throughout the night and the slow deterioration of the people who work in this nocturnal world. Although the night-life may appear glamorous and free-spirited, it can change and corrupt even the most innocent person.

We watch characters struggle with the direction that their lives are taking and how this "job-before-a-job" effects them, the way they manage to cope with it and the baggage they carry with them to the environment that they love just enough to tolerate. Although this particular evening will cause some of our characters to make choices that will surprise, amuse and occasionally sadden us, for them it is just another Saturday night.

While witnessing the struggles that this 20-something crowd of highly-identifiable characters endure in order to begin their futures, BAR-HOP offers us a chance to recognize a part of our own lives that we have either moved on from or are still trying to escape. Most importantly, with its incredible soundtrack and biting humor, Bar-Hop will make us dance in our seats while laughing along the way.

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Update

After checking with our video game connections we have the latest delay in the release of Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. *SOB*

Apparently now Westwood is reporting, on their website, mid to late fall, yet the stores are still being told August 25th and that is supposedly firm. Our connection at Electronics Boutique offers no more optimism and still contends that Westwood would be foolish, at this point, to release the game before the Christmas shopping season.

This latest disappointment is really not unexpected to those of us who have been waiting over a year for the release of this particular Bit of Biehn. And at some point, inquiring minds want to know. So we asked "an insider" WHY the game has had so many delays. Here are just some of the causes for delay. Sit down. This may take a while. (LOL!)

There have been several production challenges throughout the entire project. This includes issues from pre-production and concept differences which have resulted in at least three different "concept teams." In other words, just deciding on what the game was about and how it would work caused trouble!

During "development" there were team changes, both in the game design and "real video" production. They apparently had challenges getting the game segments and the "real video" segments to match.

The original "real video" filming crew was changed, as were the actors. The FINAL change was to have Michael Biehn be the star of the "real video" segments.

Other problems include changes in programmers and "lines-of-code designers." Manufacturing has also been fraught with various crises; even the "head" of the project and his staff have gone through a number of changes.


According to our source, this is typical of Westwood Productions. It is also apparently typical of the ENTIRE game industry, but no other company’s problems are as highly visible as Westwood’s.

In an attempt to make up for all the delays and disappointments, Westwood promises marketing surprises when they finally do release this latest installment in the Command and Conquer series.

The good news is, according to our source, quote . . . "Westwood products are much like natural childbirth. There’s a whole lot of change, pain, and mess. But in the end, it’s damn well worth it!"

So there it is. Some of the reasons this game yet eludes us Biehnies. But like all things Biehn . . . "Its damn well worth it!"

Howdy Biehnatics!

The Magnificent 7 finally arrived in Sweden May 16, 1999!! Here in Sweden the series is called "7 rider igen" which in English is "7 rides again".

It is being shown on Swedish tv3, Sundays at 23.00 CET, so far 5 episodes have been shown and there are 3 more to go. After those 8 epis, I don´t know if there are more to come since tv3 hasn´t replied to my email yet. Sadly, there has been no response to the series at all in the newspapers. After the first show had been on I immediately bought some of the newspapers. They usually write something about what is on tv, but not a word was mentioned about Mag7! Shame on them!

Even Swede tv3 hasn´t promoted the series so much either. For example, very few commercials, not a word about the show on their site and the late hour it is being aired. It was pure luck when I read my tv-guide real close a few weeks ago and found out that Mag 7 was gonna be shown on tv3. Shame on them too!

I like Mag7 alot! It contains all that a good family show should have and of course MB! And all dressed in black too!!! Happy news for the Danish Michael Biehn fans too! Mag 7 is gonna be shown on Danish tv3 starting June 20 at 19.05 CET! So load up those vcr´s..... In Denmark the series is called "Vestens harde drenger" which in English almost is " The tough guys of the west". On the danish tv3 site they have written a small piece about the series and even have a small pic http://www.tv3.dk/program.asp?p=820 .

I still haven´t found out yet when the series will be shown on the Norwegian tv3 but some time soon I believe. In Norway, Mag7 is called "Syv uovervinnerlige" which in English is "the invincible seven." Guess it must be kind of funny for you english speaking fans to read all those different titles for the same show. :o)

That is all for now from Scandinavia!

Lots of hugs to all of you magnificent Biehn Buddies!


Susans Plan Review

By Kathleen Greene

I was fortunate enough to be able to drive from Houston to Austin Texas to see MBís latest movie, which was shown as part of a film festival for the Austin Film Society.

This film has been widely discussed by the Biehn Team in previous newsletters. So, instead of repeating what has already been said, I will offer my view of this film and MBís performance. I will also tell you about the Q & A with the director John Landis, who was present for the film festival.

First of all, I was so excited to be able to see this film ìon the big screenî here in the US. Because of distribution problems, this film will NOT be released theatrically here. The only ìshowingî here in the US will be on Cinemax (cable tv) in September of this year, for a limited number of airings. So, as I said, I was very excited for the privilege of a theatrical viewing. It was ABSOLUTELY worth the two-hour drive to Austin!

The movie was great!! As previously reported here and elsewhere on the web, itís about a woman who plots to murder her ex-husband who still has her as the sole beneficiary on his life insurance policy. The problem is, she hires two ìmoronsî to do the job, Michael Biehn and Rob Schneider. As a result, everything that can go wrong, does!

Adrian Paul played the ex-husband and Natassja Kinski and Billy Zane play the plotting ex-wife and her boyfriend. There are also guest spots of note. Lara Flynn Boyle who plays a ìsleazyñeasyî type who helps to get Adrian Paul in place to be murdered. Dan Aykroyd took on a ìcameoî, playing a tough-guy biker (without a bike) who is the guy hired to take care of Adrian Paul when the other two (Biehn and Schneider) fail.

There was nothing predictable or trite about this movie in any way. From who was sleeping with whom, to who was killing whom, the movie kept you guessing. The clever use of ìdream sequencesî required you to keep your eye on the screen at all times. Even the ending was unexpected and something you are not likely to see in a typical Hollywood film.

My two favorite moments in the film were, of course, with Michael Biehn. The first scene I loved was when all the ìconspiratorsî were at a diner setting up the plan. The camera does a quick close-up of Michael and what heís doing at the table. What you see is Michael coloring a picture of ìa rat getting the cheese.î When I realized it was a ìsight gagî reflecting the plot of the movie, I laughed so hard I was afraid of being yelled at by the other moviegoers! Especially when, during the Q & A after the film, John Landis confirmed that it was what I thought. And by the way, it may please you to know that Michael CAN color inside the lines!!

My second favorite scene was after Biehn and Schneider shot Paul and they were in Kinskiís house waiting for the call that AP was dead. I wonít totally spoil that scene for you all, but Michael was an adorable pest to Billy Zane!

Now for the good stuff! The Q & A with John Landis was GREAT!! He said a lot of positive things about Michael and how much he LOVED working with him. The one thing he did say over and over again about working with Michael was that he ìwas so excited that the Terminator Guy wanted to be in my movie!

John Landis said that Michael was great to work with, very professional, and that he and Schneider helped to keep everyone laughing most of the time. He said that Michael had a great sense of humor. Landis also said that many people in Hollywood had Michael type cast as a leading man and action star. It was his (Landisís) pleasure to help Michael break that image by casting him ìas a supporting actor in a comedy as the moron straight-man.

When Landis was asked what his favorite scene was in the whole movie, you'll never guess what he said! He said his favorite scene was one with Michael!! Woo Hoo!! The scene is at the hospital when Michael and Rob Schneider are sitting in the lobby talking. Another scene I wonít spoil for you, but suffice it to say, Michael is great!

John Landis also commented at length as to how he felt about religion, politics, Hollywood politics, and censorship. He said the reason he did this particular movie, with little commercial appeal, was ìto get as far away from typical Hollywood commercialism and politics as possible.

Landis was very proud of the fact that he was able to make this film for about 3 million dollars and shoot the whole thing in approximately 28 days. There is little music in the movie and no ìcommercial promotions.î Even Dan Aykroyd worked for scale, purely as a favor to his friend Landis. Overall, Landis wanted to emphasize all these aspects; almost as if he were trying to prove he could still make a good movie ìwithout typical Hollywood hype.î I can tell you, he most certainly succeeded.

Now for the cool news for Biehn Team members! John Landis knows about us!! After the Q & A, we (the movie attendees) were invited to go up and shake hands with Mr. Landis. And I did!! During our conversation I told him about the Biehn Team and our enthusiasm for Michaelís work. I told him about the wonderful page created for Susanís Plan at the Biehn Team site and I gave him the Biehn Team web address! When I asked him if he would ever work with Michael again, Mr. Landis said ìIn a flat minute! In fact, if all goes well he and I will be working together soon.î He went on to say that he was trying to put together a project in the [near] future where he could ìutilize Michaelís great talent again.

So, it would seem that not only was Susans Plan a great movie for Michael to showcase his talent, but Michael also made a terrific impression on one of Hollywoodís most acclaimed directors. Way to go Michael!!

The producers report that John Landis will be at a large film festival in the Czech Republic and Susanís Plan will be one of the featured works. Susanís Plan is also currently available on video in Rio de Janeiro, as reported by Marcia, Biehn Team member.

Donít forget to catch Susans Plan on Cinemax here in the US in September!!


The following article was submitted by a student attending the school where Cherry Falls was filmed. The opinions expressed do not reflect those of the Biehn Team and the information in the article hasn't been confirmed. We felt that Al Harris included some interesting behind-the-scenes information.

Fear and Loathing on the Set of Cherry Falls (SPOILERS)

by Al Harris

I just ate some spicy chicken fingers. I mean this suckers were hot. They were so hot, they reminded me to write this article. Where it the parallel? Well the movie Cherry Falls is HOT! HOT! HOT! Its hot in two ways, its a hot media topic, and its subject matter is spicy.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little bit about the movie. As you may already know, Michael Biehn plays a sheriff in the small town of Cherry Falls, Ohio, who also happens to be the father of the sure to be scantily clad protagonist. Yes Brent Marken is the father of Jody Marken. Now little Jody is having a hard time deciding whether to put out for her boyfriend Kenny. The relationship is hot and heavy so she decides to part with poor Kenny. Thus, setting the stage for a mad serial killer to rape and murder high school virgins ( now you get the title don't you?). As soon as this discovery is made by the sheriff, parents encourage sexual activity. Don't scoff yet, there is more. The rumor mill has plenty to offer, and boy is it scrumptious. There are rumors of a PTA organized orgy in the gym. Its pretty much confirmed that there is a murder in the girls shower. This is a movie where people get killed, have sex, get killed, have sex, get killed, and have sex. You can expect an NC-17 rating or R is the film is lucky.
Now why do I know so much? Why am I so qualified to right this article? Because, cheerful reader, they are filming this cinematic slasher right in my own high school in Richmond, VA. I'm proud to be a Thomas Jefferson Viking, but the kiddies in the film will be the George Washington Fighting Cherries. The crew painted a new mascot on the floor of the gym, it is two screaming cherries, but they look more like radishes. Of course they re-painted the old one back. That is one of many changes to the school; we have recently enjoyed new bleachers, new Pepsi machines, freshly painted locker rooms and renovations, and a mass rise in excitement.

I stayed after school and saw them shoot, sorta. They had black tarps covering all the windows, and the crew were on the first floor getting ready to shoot. A girl was being chased by knife wielding mad man, but security shuffled me off before they shot.

The crew has been mean and nice. They have flirted with high school students and gave them false offers of being nude in the film. Others have been nice enough to give us information. I learned from talking to an EMT technician that the film will be out within 6 months to a year, it unsure if it is direct to video or set for a theatrical release, the rating is probably NC-17 (depending on what ends up on the editing room floor), and that there are $80,000 a day in salaries. I'm not sure if this includes Michael Biehn and the other actors.

The local media has been all over this. It was even front page news. Students and parents have expressed their disgust to the school and created a PR swamp fest. The principal sent home a letter of apology to parents and students along with a handy synopsis of the film. News crews were at the school interviewing angry parents and the VA film board. There is no worry of the film being shut down, all contracts has been signed.

You've probably read this far, thirsting for more info on Michael Biehn. Well unfortunately I don't know too much. I haven't seen him but I know people how have. Sources say he was a jerk, but I guess that they fail to realize: shooting all day and no beer, makes Mr. Biehn a grumpy grump. His role seems extensive through out the whole film, but as these films go, he either dies or he is the killer. So I hope you have enjoyed this article, and I hope the orgy seen makes it into the film.

"Family" Episode Update
by Lynn

I have managed to find out that the episode in which Michael guest starred was from the third season of "Family" and is listed as Episode # 71. It was called "The Athlete" and it aired on March 1st, 1979.
Michael played Jake McAlister, a high-school basketball star who was diagnosed with cancer after injuring his leg. Buddy, played by Kristy McNichol, tried to help him accept the fact that he might lose his leg and therefore his promising career as a professional basketball player.

This was a very touching episode and Michael played the character with the right amount of anger, bitterness, and internal conflict over the choice of losing his leg or his life.

The Terrible Secret (ABC Afterschool Special)

This made for TV movie from 1979 starred Michael Biehn and Linda Addams, and was based on the novel "Haunted Summer" by Hope Dahle Jordan. Its focus was on two teenagers who "experience fear and guilt when one becomes involved in a hit-and-run accident and the other cheats in order to win a tennis scholarship" (Library of Congress). The two teens confide in each other, then later their families, owning up to their mistakes.

Although this movie was originally shown on ABC as an "Afterschool" special, it was also released on video by Time-Life Multimedia, 1979. It was issued in several video formats.

Director: Larry Elikann
Producer: Daniel Wilson
Teleplay: George Malko
Length: 47 minutes.
Biehnfest 3 is almost here! Biehn fans from all over are gathering in Santa Monica, California [http://santamonica.com/] August 6 -8 to meet face-to-face and just have fun. In addition to the required Biehn movie viewing, a trip to Universal Studios, a city tour, including Farmer's Market and other landmarks, and a group dinner are some of the planned activities.

Biehnfest is an annual event held on or near Michael Biehn’s birthday, July 31. The location is chosen by the fans who vote at the Biehnfest Suggestion site on Reesa's Michael Biehn Pieces page [link, please]. Suggestions for Biehnfest 4 are already coming in and include a spa getaway, a cruise and, the ever popular, Toronto, Ontario weekend. Biehnfest is organized by The Biehn Team, and all Michael Biehn fans are welcome.

It's not too late to join the fun this year. For information, send an email with BIEHNFEST in the subject line to biehnteam@hotmail

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