Michael Biehn Fans Chat

Chatting every night since March 1997!

Listen to online radio feeds while chatting at RadioTower.com

Just sign your name and come on it. The chat may say your that your name is already taken. It's a free chat, so there maybe someone on their server using your name. Just make up a handle in that case. You can "float" the chat screen to make it bigger. Change the size and color of your font and chat screen. Remember we chat everynight at 9 PM/EST Sun-Thurs and 10 PM/EST Fri-Sat.

Backup chatroom! Please use if the chatroom above goes down.

Michael Biehn Yahoogroup Chatroom

Another backup chatroom

We are testing out several different free chat servers. Please try them out and vote for your favorite. Your feedback is important in making the MB chat the best place to be!

Michael Biehn Fans Chat Test

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