Poetry Corner

By Kathleen Greene

I never Thought.
I never Felt.
I never Breathed.
I never Laughed.
I never was.
Until I WAS with him.

Coffey's Last Thoughts
by LarabeezHeart

With certainty of death, comes clarity of thought,
What foolishness is life, but a vain attempt to conquer mortality?
To win at all costs?

In the horror of your eyes, I see my own demise
"What have I done?" and "Forgive me," comes too late,
As I see the folly of my thoughts.

Slowly, it seems, I fall,
Sinking deeper into the darkness
There's nowhere to turn, but to Death.

It waits, eager now the end is near,
My cry of helpless rage goes unheard,
As tortured structure screams in protest and finally implodes.
Death has come for me
A dark embrace that smothers,
And enfolds me in the deep cold shroud of The Abyss....

by coffeycake
If I could look through your eye, what would I see?
Is everything faded and gray or sharply black and white?
If I could see into the shadows through which you move,
Are the edges blurred and only interpreted as wrong or right?
Is the weight of each passing second an unbearable burden,
Perceived as lost opportunities to make things right?
Where you struggle to be righteous but the lines are undefined?
In a place where there are no bad guys - just human beings.


Through this world I have moved alone
Silently in some times, with fanfare and parade in others
Desperate to seek the solace of a job well done
My acceptance always in the mission,
Its completion is my own
Accompanied by the thought I AM the Island
No one to warm my heart to lure me from my task
Never to betray the sacred trust that I discharge
I watch the world through a looking glass
Rounded steel - dissected into quarters by lines
And even when I press my nose against the window
I am still on the outside - forever staring in through the pain.

by coffeycake

Poem to Michael

Why do you have this impact on me?
Is it the things I feel or the things I see?
Like those fantastic green eyes with that intense gaze,
or your wonderful body, or your beautiful face?
Or is it the different characters you play?
Can't really choose one, but I wonder about it anyway.
Maybe its your strengh or your sexy voice,
or becouse you really vulnerable...its a difficult choice.
But thank you for being the actor I adore,
I have seen a lot of your movies and just want to see more.
If you think I am crazy then I think you are right,
I think about you a lot and dreams about you at night.
See you making love to others crushes my heart,
makes me yell at the TV and rippes my soul apart.
Maybe I really love you...I dont know what this is,
My feelings are strange but could be desciben like this:
Dear Michael, you are my angel from heaven,
a gift through Abyss, Terminator and Magnificent seven,
a protector and the soldier of several wars,
the lord amongst men and the sun among stars...
by misse1977

TITLE: Bright Eyes
TYPE: Poem/Xover
Rating/Warnings: PG
Character(s): all of them
Comments: This poem is about ALL of MB's characters, and feedback is greatly appreciated. I got the inspiration from a poem I found on Sandra's (Tarlan X) Eric Close page called Sestina: a Tracker's heart, which was a lovely poem BTW : )
Disclaimer: I don't mention any names of MB's characters but this poem is about all of them.

Bright Eye's
Through your eyes I see great worlds afar
Of cities and towns
Over time and through space
Under the sea and on land
Many a place

Lot's of adventures waiting to happen
Of romance and horror
Of machines and monsters
Of mountains and wolves
And of the old West where trailblazers and gunslingers roam
Through your eyes I see a different world to mine

When I look into those green eyes of yours I see many an emotion
Of love and sorrow
Bravery and envy
Anger and vulnerability

Sometimes when I look into your eyes I see
A tormented soul, or one so black
Other times I see a hero's heart, a soul so brave and strong
Yet full of love and care

When I look into your eyes I see a handsome man
smiling back at me, with a caring and loving smile
That makes his eyes of emerald twinkle and glow.
I see the man of this poem, one with a loving hero's heart
The end

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