Our slide puzzle uses the latest browser technology to give you a fast interactive game. Before you begin this traditional puzzle you must shuffle the pieces around by pressing the SHUFFLE PIECES button below the game board. The task is to then click on the individual pieces to slide them either up, down, left or right, manipulating them so that the board once again shows the correctly arranged image. Good luck!

Flowers by Design

The latest version of this code was released on 20th March 1998. Included here are a selection of links to sites that are using various versions of the port80 JavaScript 1.1 slide puzzle.

We are actively promoting the re-use and free distribution of the code, so if you use it please let us know - tell us the address of the site and we'll add it to the list. We can also give you a Corel Script for Corel 7 or one optimised for Corel 8 that will take an image and chop it up into your chosen number and size of pieces!

We recommend you always use the code from this page if you wish to copy it for your own site. >