The Original Michael Biehn Mailing List Challenge

This is Lynn's response to this challange:

The Setup:

Michael Biehn as: Chris Larabee
Your name here as: Lara Bezhrt
The "other man": Vin
Location: Saloon (where else?)
time frame: late afternoon

B) He catches you with the other guy. Describe that scene.

Purely a misunderstanding, I assure you... I was just talking quietly with Vin - he had written another poem for Mary and was asking me what I thought of it. We were kinda close I guess and it just looked a little more intimate than was perhaps proper for the time.

Having just returned from a little trip to Purgatory, Chris was understandably tired and in somewhat of a foul mood already, and he perhaps read way to much into the situation. You see, I was just responding to the sweet words Vin had so tenderly put to paper for Mary, and happened to be giving him a hug when Chris entered the saloon and saw us thus. I looked up and saw him standing there. I smiled at him, but my joy quickly faded when I read what was in his eyes. Beneath the shadow cast by the brim of his hat, his eyes took in the scene with a chilling attention to detail, taking on a cold gun-metal gray. His wonderful lips pursed in that way he has of expressing his disapproval and for a moment, it looked like he'd taken a gutful of buckshot.

I felt the chill cut through me as I sat back from Vin, who was only now realizing something was wrong. I opened my mouth to speak, but Chris looked away. He didn't holler or rant or rave. That was not his way. He simply lowered his gaze, blew out a controlled breath and turned away, heading for the doors and probably his horse. I knew I had to go after him and explain. Vin, bless him, was already hurrying after Chris, understanding how it might have looked.

By the time I caught up with them, they were standing almost nose to nose, Chris ready for a fight. Vin ready to give him one. I'm not really sure what made me do it, but my own anger kicked in then. How dare Chris Larabee even entertain the idea that I would cheat on him!!! Good Lord, didn't he ever look in the mirror when he shaved? A girl would have to be both blind and stupid to pass over a man like that. But I digress. I marched up to the pair of them and gave Chris a healthy shove, scolding him, "Don't be such a damn fool!" Steady as a rock though, he didn't even waver. However, it was enough to gain his attention.

"What?" he demanded, clearly furious with me.

"I'll tell you what!" I snapped, shoving Vin's poem under his nose. "Your friend here was just showing me this. Do you know what this is? It's a..."

Vin winced and tried to grab the paper from my hand, which was enough to remind me that he didn't want the whole town to know he was penning pretty words. Respecting that, I lowered my voice so only Chris could hear and told him, "It's a poem. For Mary. And a very beautiful one too, I might add. And how dare you think what you were thinking, Chris Larabee?"

Chris didn't look very convined. "A poem, huh? Right." He grabbed the now crumpled paper from my hand and started to read, but Vin grabbed it back, growling, "Jesus Christ, can't a man get a woman's opinion on a bit of blasted scribble around here, without her man going off on me?" He shoved the already crumpled bit of paper in his pocket and the anger in Chris drained away as rapidly as it had risen. He looked somewhat perplexed as he regarded his friend's discomfort. "Poetry?" he asked in disbelief.

"So?" Vin defended. "No need to make a big deal out of it."

"If you say so," Chris said, starting to grin now. "Poetry, huh?"

"Well it sure as hell wasn't what you thought!" Vin shot back, riled now. "How could you even think that?"

"It sure looked like it from where I was standing."

"Will you two stop it?!" I snapped, seeing they were getting ripened up again for swinging a fist or two. "And I want an apology from you, Mr. Larabee."

For a long moment, he just looked at me. "You do, huh?" he said at last.

"Damn right, Cowboy."

Chris blinked in disbelief. "Did you just call me a cowboy?"


Vin winced and turned away, trying to stiffle a guffaw.

"Humph..." Chris said, trying not to laugh himself now. "Them's fighting words, little lady."

"Well, if it walks like one and talks like one..."

"Walks like one!? WALKS like one!!" Chris lunged at me and grabbed me around the waist before I could beat a hasty retreat. A squeal escaped me as he threw me over his shoulder and then all I could do was wriggle and giggle as he strode down the street. The scene caused quite a stir and was the talk of the town for days, but at least Chris and I straightened out our little misunderstanding.

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