September 1998 Vol.1 Issue 2

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The Biehnteam Newsletter - September, 1998
July 31 was Michael's birthday, and several members of The Biehn Team celebrated it in style at the Rain Forest Cafe, MGM Grand Hotel, in Las Vegas during the annual Biehn Fest. On behalf of the Biehn Team, a jar of gourmet jelly beans, balloon, and a card with the names of all the members of the Biehn Team was delivered to Michael on the set of The Magnificent Seven. All birthday wishes for Michael which were posted to the Birthday Web were also printed off and sent to him on behalf of his fans.

We know Michael filmed a new movie in April called Susan's Plan for John Landis (see the Current page from Absolute Biehn). A recent search uncovered this quote from Michael in The Rocky Mountain News on Susan's Plan:

The big-screen scene: Michael Biehn, best known for his role as Linda Hamilton's savior in Terminator, says we'll see a very different side of him in John Landis' upcoming Susan's Plan. ``It's my first real comedy, and according to John and all the other cast members, I'm very funny in it,'' says Biehn, who also stars in CBS' The Magnificent Seven series.

Susan's Plan, which also stars Dan Aykroyd, Billy Zane, Nastassja Kinski and Rob Schneider, is about a woman ``who plans to kill her ex-husband. Rob and I play this Mutt and Jeff version of two hit men,'' Biehn says. ``We totally screw everything up.''

Marilyn Beck, Rocky Mountain News, 07-08-1998, pp 13D:(c) 1998, Denver Publishing Co.


This year marks the second annual Biehnfest, for ours truly, Michael Biehn. It is a few days of fun-filled activities for those who admire his body…body of work, that is!

This year's Biehnfest, held in Las Vegas, NV, was a happy time for all that attended. Although not everyone arrived at the same time, there was plenty to do at various stages of the trip. Hotels to peruse, attractions to see, lots of shopping to be done and, of course, lots of movies of Michael's to watch!

There was no shortage of sightseeing to do in Las Vegas. The group started with an informal tour of the local hotels: Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas Hilton, MGM Grand, and Treasure Island just to name a few. And each of these hotels has attractions to see. There is the Siberian Tiger exhibit at The Mirage, which showcases these beautiful, rare tigers that local performers, Siegfried and Roy, breed, raise, and train to perform in their act. The MGM Grand houses the very entertaining show, EFX, which show stars David Cassidy as a young man who has lost enthusiasm for the things in life we all can take for granted. It is a wonderful, fantastical, show! Caesar's Palace has lots of food, shopping and various attractions to see, including a statue display which acts out a story at various times throughout the day and a virtual reality ride, which is called The Race for Atlantis, much like the Star Trek adventure at the Las Vegas Hilton. Both were very enjoyable!

Of course, there must be time for movie viewing. The only difficult thing was trying to decide which movie to start with and which one should follow that. A true Biehnatic will find an argument for their favorite film and convince the others why that one should be the first, second, or last to watch.

It is a unique experience to watch a program with a group of peers who appreciate the same qualities in Michael as you do; to clap and cheer for the hero saving the day; to the jeer the enemy; and to mourn the loss of the character. Unless a nearby friend shares your admiration for this great actor, it is hard to watch with as much enthusiasm as you would like.

While the Biehnfest is timed to honor Michael’s birthday, it really presents an opportunity to meet other Biehn fans and share a lot of fun. For those in the Michael Biehn Fans chat room, it is an opportunity to put a face to a name/handle: To meet the person/persons with whom typewritten messages have been shared. For others it is a time to find a new appreciation for this actor, perhaps one you may not have realized or just to have a few days in the company of some really wonderful people.

Preparations are already underway for the Third Annual Biehnfest. Any and all suggestions are welcome! The more, the merrier! Tentative dates for Biehnfest 3 are July 30 - August 2, 1999. Make plans for holding that aside if you truly would like to experience some incredible fun!


Four members of the Biehn Team made a trek to California on August 3 after the Biehn Fest in Las Vegas. Our quest was to travel to Newhall in hopes of possibly peaking at the Melody Ranch site where The Magnificent Seven is currently being filmed. One of the Biehn Team members took a chance of writing a short note to John Watson, Trilogy Entertainment Group, Executive Producer of The Magnificent Seven. The result was that upon arrival in California a fax with directions to the set was waiting for the four at their hotel!

They were to be at the set the next day, Tuesday, at noon. The prospect of it being the hottest day of the year did not daunt them. So armed with their trusty map and a rental car, the four set off for Newhall, California, around 11 a.m. Dodging California traffic and negotiating all the freeways, they finally arrived 10 minutes early. They drove up to the guard shack at the front gate and that kindly old gentleman directed them to the production offices just around the corner. While waiting for their set guide in the production offices, the first hint of possible episode names was overhead - Sins of the Past and New Law. Whispers all around among the four - the first piece of intel for next season to be gathered!

A grand tour of the whole set was next - over to "Main Street" where The Magnificent Seven was filming a street scene. As luck would have it, all the major actors were there at the time. If they were not in that scene, then they were along the boardwalk watching - Chris Larabee, Buck Wilmington, Josiah Sanchez, Vin Tanner, Nathan Jackson, J. D. Dunne, and Ezra Standish strode purposefully down the street pushing and cursing at various desperados. Mary and her son Billy were seen standing off to the side of the scene under the overhang. The director (who we think may have been William Wages - up for an emmy for Buffalo Soldiers) was sitting about 6 feet away in the shaded doorway of one of the storefronts. And was it hot!! At least 110 degrees in the shade. Water carts were everywhere. The actors and extras were all in heavy period clothing, but you didn't see a drop of sweat on them during filming. (We heard later this is attributed to the heavy pancake makeup they wear). Michael Biehn provided us with a bit of gun twirling between scenes and Ron Perlman seemed to signal the end of each scene with a few strains of a song.

After that scene was done, most of the actors retired to their trailers to rest and eat lunch. An exploration of the rest of the "town" ensued - poor Wickes' tower was behind some of the buildings - a mockery of its former self - now only about 15 feet high. :-) During the course of the tour several questions were asked of our guide as to returning guest stars. Your group of intrepid set visitors discovered the following: Robert Vaughn (of course) makes a return engagement as Judge Travis. Maude will be back to harrass Ezra (Yea Michelle Phillips!). JD's young paramour, Casey, will also be back, as will Lucas James from One Day Out West, and Guy Royal from The Collector).

A discussion with the guide as to all the characters' various sleeping accommodations resulted in the following: Chris rents a room, Ezra sleeps in the saloon, Buck and JD are in a ?boarding house, Josiah sleeps in the church, Nathan of course in his second floor clinic area, and finally Vin in a wagon! :-)

Lunch was offered, but who could eat! :-) Lunch was catered outside for the extras and crew under a huge white tent which was shaped something like the Sydney, Australia, Opera House (supposedly to let the hot air escape easier).

Rick Worthy was eating there with the rest of the crew and introduced one of the extras for that episode, a young lady named Lisa. He welcomed two of the Biehn Team with a big hug! Andy Kavovit was also thoroughly charming and talked for 20 minutes to the team about the show. He was definitely interested in getting his own web page developed and buying his own computer. Of course all kinds of suggestions were made! He said all the people on the show wanted to hear the fans comments. Laurie Holden is even prettier in person!

Unfortunately it was time to leave and the four Biehn Team members reluctantly took their leave. It was an unforgettable experience. Now all we have to do is wait for midseason!

Submitted by: Cindy, Gloria, Pattie & Lynn

You know your a Biehnatic... become obesessed with cows just because in The Ride, MB called his girlfiend "you little heifer"

... you hide Richard Simmons videos wherever you find them.

... you go on vacation and stay in places named Wonderland Hotel and Four Corners Inn.

... you set your alarm for 4 AM so you can be sure the tape starts for one of MB's movies.

... you re-cast most movies you see with MB in the lead. [Extra credit if the actor you're replacing is Nick Cage.]

... you buy ten copies of Navy SEALs because you found out they are pulling it from the market.

... you call Movieline; they tell you they've found a case of October, 1992 issues [containing the "Straight Shooter" interview with MB] and you think, "Only a case?"

... You hide your phone bill from your spouse so they won't see how many long distance phone calls you made to Biehn friends.

... You think about putting in another phone line just to make sure you have a line to connect to the Internet on Friday nights!

...You haven't missed a Friday nite chat in a year and a half (except when you were at a Biehn fest).

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun

MB has recently finished filming the live action scenes for Westwood Studio in their best selling Games Series Command and Conquer. Cast as Commmander Michael O'Neil to lead the Globe Defense Initiative in their fight against the Nod.

"Used to handling only the most dangerous environmental crises and the most violent NOD uprisings, Commander Michael McNeil is the GDI's most promising asset."

For a Real Audio interview with MB and co-star James Earl Jones click here. Please check out the Tiberian Sun website for more information.

The latest from Westwood Studios is that Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun will be released in November. They are not giving a specific date at this time. Most stores are taking reservations for this, the latest in the very successful Command and Conquer series.

News on Silver Wolf

Word from the distributor for Silver Wolf is that the show will premiere on the Fox Family Channel sometime in November or December, so keep your eye on their schedule. (This is the Family Channel which Fox recently purchased). Fox has not published their November schedule yet, but they plan to have it out in a week or so.

Latest on American Dragons

The title of American Dragons was changed to Double Edge for US distribution. The release date has also changed [yet again!] to December 8. Canadian Biehn fans who subscribe to the SuperChannel were able to see American Dragons this month.

IMHO Review:
MB plays Tony Luca ("you don't look Italian", "my mother was Irish") a NYC police detective on the trail of murders between the Japanese and Italian mobs. While seeking information he finds help from a Korean police detective who is also searching for the professional hitman who murdered his family. The film's focus is on the cultural difference between the two detectives and how they come to find common ground to solve the crimes. The film is low budget and the sets are dark (doesn't anyone work during the day?). One writer/producer on this project also did Van Damme's No Return No Surrender, so there is lots of blood, a high body count, with well staged fighting sequences. MB really gets battered, and gives as well as he takes. The soundtrack was a bit muddled, but that have may been my copy. Without giving too much away, this was not a bad film for it's genre. MB is in most of the scenes and is photographed well. MB stays alive, graphic violence, no sex and NC-17 language. C+

Fan Fic

Due to popular demand, the Biehn Team is adding a fan fiction link to the site for stories that feature characters Michael Biehn has portrayed. At this time, we will be posting stories with a PG rating. Current threads for story ideas are 100 word drabbles [stories told in exactly 100 words] and stories inspired by a favorite song.

There are a few posted at Michael Biehn Fan Fic Page

So all you talented writers out there, please submit your stories to

We need your creativity to make this a success!

Michael Biehn Private Chat Room

The WBS chat room started in March of 1997 and has biehn going strong ever since! There is a scheduled chat every Friday night at 7:00 PM/Pacific. However, you might find a friend there at any given time every day of the week. We chose the WBS format, as it allows us to post pics of our favorite actor, and is accessible for most browsers. The room offers streaming chat (for Netscape), frames and no frames. For those new to the chat, use no frames. You can visit and chat as a guest, but to post pics and to scroll back to read old posts you have to register, which is free and painless. The hardest part is finding a handle! MB attracts the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, on or off the web. Here's the doorway, drop on by, pull up a chair and let's have fun!

Fan Forum

We would like to offer fans the chance to add something of their own to the newsletter. Perhaps you'd like to comment on one of MB's movies, why you liked it, what kind of influence it had, what was particularly memorable for you. Please submit your thoughts to the Fan Forum by emailing with "Fan Forum in the subject. We'd all like to hear from you!

fans have biehn reading this newsletter!

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